rosi & mina In May 2005 Mina & Rosi, couisins for those who wondered, arrived in Barcelona and decided to stay and promote their art. They began by selling hand painted clothes, mainly t-shirts inspired by the local architecture and urban atmosphere of Barcelona.

Gradually they expanded their artistic expression and moved in designing leather bracelets. After selling the first bracelets to artists in the opera house Liceo, they decided to see further into that noble material – leather and developed a self-thought technique of paitning and decoration of leather to create their very personal and distinguished style.

At the beguinning of 2010 they decided to join their working spaces and rented a small attelier where they mooved in and opened to the public their workshop Rossymina. They now own their shop and are happy to continue working together exploring new unlimited oportunities that the leather crafs offer for expression.